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The immediate benefits from using RTA services are, without doubt, economy in the use of resources and gains in company productivity.

The only software clients require to use RTA is a browser and many of these are free. Hardware requirements can be "thin clients", devices such as mobiles with limited processing power because all processing
power resides in central secure state-of-the art high end secure servers with 24/7 maintenance and hourly backups. 24/7 client technical support comes as part of our service. Clients can use any device with a browser bringing considerable power and flexibility to executives through any device with any operating system to access data of importance from any global location.

Because RTA can operate on the basis of on-demand analysis and reporting by accessing data directly from project management systems there is no need for meetings, staff dislocation and travel and accommodation expenses normally associated with field visits. This does not remove the need for field visits but helps rationalise when such visits might be juistified, resulting in significant economies.

Our Real Time Audit (RTA) services use the most advanced software languages and techniques, founded on ISO and ECMA standards and the latest servers. and provides an online service for global oversight of activities, processes and projects in real time and on a 24/7 basis. The service is designed to sustain a coherent match between the remote data collection standards and procedures and storage methods to maintain an uninterrupted RTA data access. This is achieved through the a strict compliance of RTA operations and client systems with the Open Quality Standards Initiative (OQSI) reccomendations (see Standards & due diligence).

Besides providing access to data formatted by end users systems as read only reports, RTA can provide software modules to support the mangement of remote processes, data management and a wide range of decision support systems including process design, optimisation and oversight.

RTA is particularly effective in providing support for busy managers of portfolios of projects located in different locations and where there is a need for frequent checking of activties down to detailed information. Tis is particularly effective in supporting executives in meetings to field detailed questions on different projects by using the mobile RTA interface.

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