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RTA Systems provides convenient monitoring of globally distributed events of interest....

Real Time Audit (RTA) provides an online service for global oversight of activities,

Data dispatched direct from the field can be analysed, configured and easily accessed...
processes and projects in real time and on a 24/7 basis. The service is designed to sustain a coherent match between the remote data collection standards, procedures and storage methods to maintain an uninterrupted RTA data access. This is achieved through a strict compliance of RTA operations and client systems with the Open Quality Standards Initiative (OQSI) recommendations (see Standards & due diligence).

RTA will operate transparently with the following project and process cycle and porfolio managment systems:

Navatec PPCPPS (Project Process Cycle & Portfolio Management System) service modules:
  • AKP-Advancing Knowledge Projects (covering research experiments & surveys)
  • IDP-large scale Infrastructural Development Projects (covering major physical infrastructure projects)
  • SSPED-Strategic Sector Policies for Economic Development (covering policy initiative cycles)
  • IRP-Initiative Response Projects (covering projects designed to support policy initiatives)
  • TIP-Transitional or Innovation Projects (multi-stage innovation programme from concept to product or service)
  • POP-Profit-Oriented Projects (any investment projects for agriculture, industry and services)
These packages provide online capabilities for project or programme process design, output, resources specification and optimization using simulation. RTA can provide real time access to the information on any stage of this cycle and as well as the project or programme implementation and operational phases. These packages observe the due diligence procedures recommended by OQSI to ensure that all factors are taken into account.

RTA access protocols are compatible with that dataset access requirements for the Plasma Database used by these Navatec system service packages. already and many with the following being important examples:

  • Monitoring & evaluation of investmens and project progress
  • Managing international environmental programmes
  • Managing international commodity production forecasts
  • Collecting survey and experimental data
  • Refining models relating bioclimatic conditions to crop yields
  • Gaps and needs analysis
  • Stakeholder relations in relation to large scale economic development projects

Besides providing access to data formatted by end user systems as read only access, provisions for printing or conversion to electronic formats through pdf, for example, can be provided. In addition RTA systems can provide software modules to support the mangement of remote processes, data management and a wide range of decision support systems including process design, optimisation and oversight.

RTA systems is particularly effective in providing support for busy managers of portfolios of projects located in different locations and where there is a need for frequent checking of activities down to detailed information. This is particularly effective in supporting executives in meetings to field any detailed questions on different projects by making use of rapid access through a mobile RTA interface. This is particularly useful for manager of large project portfolios.

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